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Montenegro Media Institute (MMI) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the improvement of professional standards in Montenegrin journalism, of journalistic ethics, the right of citizens to freedom of expression and the development of free media. We pay special attention to the development of media policies and media literacy through the strengthening of public critical thinking.

We act in the belief that the principles of ethical journalism are a valuable resource in upholding human rights. Our initiatives are also aimed at protecting the rights of vulnerable population groups and young people in the media, preventing hate speech, free access to information and at the improvement of digital rights in the online space.

Our goal is to have better media and media literate citizens.

Our activities focus on training, research, advocacy initiatives, campaigns, publishing activities and legislative initiatives.

The Media Institute was established in 2000 and generations of young journalists went through its training programmes, being trained in carrying out basic, but also more complex media tasks.

The Media Institute closely cooperates with professional media organisations in Montenegro, region and Europe. The MMI is a full-fledged member of the South-East European Network for Professionalisation of Media (SEENPM) and the South-East Europe Digital Rights Network and represents a platform for international cooperation between media professionals in Montenegro and their colleagues in the region and Europe.


  • Olivera Nikolić

    Acting Director of the Montenegro Media Institute


  • Dina Bajramspahić

    Program Coordinator


  • Milica Bogdanović

    Program Coordinator - Researcher


  • Jelena Topalović Savić

    Project manager


  • Vesna Rajković Nenadić

    Journalist, coach


  • Valentina Stojković

    Financial and administrative manager


  • Teodora Đurnić

    Assistant in programs


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