Read Between the Lines

Montenegro Media Institute is realizing the project “Read Between the Lines”, which is geared towards developing and improving the capacities of teachers of media literacy to adequately educate their students and develop their capacities for critically engaging with media content in print, electronic or digital media forms, as well as to encourage extracurricular activities.

The main driving force behind organizing this type of training is our desire to help students and teachers face the challenges of the digital age, which, along with providing many opportunities, bring with them certain problems such as fake news campaigns, disinformation, hate speech and other toxic and dangerous content which abounds on media platforms and often has a harmful effect on democratic societies. This type of environment poses a unique threat to young people, who spend up to 9 hours a day on different media platforms, according to relevant domestic and foreign research. 

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We will discuss and share our experiences on various relevant topics such as how different forms of media shape our understanding of the world, the phenomenon of social media, skills for recognizing fake news and disinformation, stereotypes … About security in the online space and ways in which children and young people can protect themselves and the date they leave on the web. 

All of this will be done through workshops organized in schools through Montenegro: form Kotor, Tivat and Budva, then Nišić, Žabljak, Pužine, Šavnik, Kolašin, Mojkovac, all the way to Bijelo Polje, Berane and Pljevlja. 

We will reach out to the relevant authorities within the education system in order to contribute to the strengthening of media education, taking into account the experiences of developed nations and following their example of responding to the challenges of the digital era with education, which indicates that a high level of media literacy, cultural and information literacy contribute to cultural enrichment, political stability and economic development of a society. 

The project “Read Between the Lines” is implemented by the Montenegro Media Institute with the support of the United States Embassy in Montenegro, as a part of the “Program to Help the Professional Development of Media.”